казино слава обзор

Rediscover the Middle Ages and the famous knights tournaments with higher stakes and with a healthy dose of humour.

This Spielo video slot game explores a popular universe filled with slots like Golden Knight and does so within a cartoonish universe.

The result is visually unique and the simple gameplay is an invitation for new players to give Knights of Glory a try.

So whether or not you are an avid Renaissance fair goer or not, Knights of Glory has several arguments that could make it your new slot game obsession.

Read our full review of the game to learn the basics.

Knights of Glory revisits the classic theme of a Middle Age knight tournament, where knights in armour would joust and fight in a demonstration of courage and prowess to win the favours of the local princess.

The game offers a simple background that frames the spinning reels with stone columns and a uniform dark red backdrop.

Most of the action takes place on the reels themselves, and the symbols add a fun cartoon-like touch to the game that make it stand out from the crowd of high-end graphic games.

The sound effects are discreet and do not really stand out, but the overall universe of Knight of Glory is an original take on the theme.

Let’s now take a moment to see what sort of gameplay we are dealing with in the game.

For a good start, let’s take a moment to review the basic rules of Knights of Glory and put all chances on your side.

The game is played on five reels with three symbols on display on each at the end of each turn.